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Doing research today, I read a newspaper article about a huge woman suffrage event “Celebration of Citizenship ” marking the enfranchisement of women in three states in 1912: Arizona, Kansas, and Oregon, and the return of NAWSA’s president, Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, who had been  campaigning for months, travelling 10,000 miles and speaking 6-7 times a day.  At the event, held in Carnegie Hall, New York City, the women will sing two verses of “The Women’s Marseillaise”

“Arise, ye daughter of a land/that vaunts its liberty!/Make reckless rulers understand/That women must be free,/That women will be free/Hark! Hark! The trumpet’s calling!/who’d be a laggard in the fight?/With victory even now in sight,/And stubborn foeman backward falling.


To Freedom’s cause till death/We wear our fealty,/March on! March on!/Face to the dawn/The dawn of liberty./  Second verse:

Arise! Through pain or lose betide/Grudge naught of freedom’s toll,/For what they loved the martyrs died,/Are we of meaner soul? Are we of meaner soul?/Our comrades, greatly daring,/Through prison bars have led the way;/Who would not follow to the fray,/Their glorious struggle proudly sharing?”

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