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Catching up

At last!!! A few days ago, I sent to my editor everything that is needed to publish my forthcoming book about the friendship between Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony that changed history–revised manuscript, front matter and back matter, captions, jpgs, etc. etc.! What a job–interrupted by shoveling snow, teaching three classes, baking chocolate cookies to keep our energy up, etc.–but it’s done! Special thank you to Denise Gilrane and Debbie Ganeles who read the manuscript and gave me feedback. Then there is Christine Schachter who undertook a last-minute close read and emailed me pages of indispensable comments, which ranged from typos to her responses to ECS & SBA–thank you, thank you!

I surfaced on Friday, the day before the “drop-dead” deadline for my essay in response to a chapter, “Nonfiction Literature for Children: Old Assumptions and New Directions,” by Barbara Kiefer and Melissa Wilson for the Handbook of Research on Children’s and Young Adult Literature, co-edited by Shelby Wolf, Patricia Enciso, Karen Coats, and Christine Jenkins, to be published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis in October 2010. Made it!!! Today we’re gathering to celebrate my twins’ 40th birthday!!!! Hip, hip, hurrah!!!!!!

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