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Buffalo Chicken Wings and Women’s History

I’m off to speak in Omaha tomorrow. Elizabeth Cady Stanton spent the winter of 1888 there at her daughter Maggie’s home. She delighted in a daily ride on a cable car & always took an outside seat. Passengers sitting inside reportedly commented on the “old lady who rode outside in all kinds of wintry weather.” Elizabeth was known for her love of fresh air.

Last week I spoke at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, and discovered another landmark to a woman in front of  Frank & Teresa’s Anchor Restaurant, home of the original Buffalo Chicken Wings.  Turns out that that iconic snack was created by Teresa Bellissimo in 1964 when her son & his friends arrived late one night & very hungry.  Scrambling to feed them, Teresa fried some chicken wings, (which at that time were used for soup or thrown away) covered them with a sauce and served them with blue cheese dressing.  The rest of the story is history, once again made by a woman!

Statue of Teresa Bellissimo carved from a 100 year old Silver Maple tree that fell in the storm of Oct. 2006

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