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Birthday Celebration

Today Sophie is 5 years old! Depending on extenuating circumstances, we celebrate a “birthday season” instead of a one-day-event. That is what we did this year–on Sat. we hosted a family gathering (picture is Sophie, having just finished frosting the vanilla bunny cake I made for her, with me, my three daughters-in-laws and Linda; for some reason I can’t upload the picture of my three sons performing the birthday rap that she had requested??); Sunday was a joint gala with one of her friends at a studio in NYC, and today it’s chocolate chip cookies with her kindergarten class & her “special dinner” with her parents. Students in my Issues in Children’s Literature class will recognize the “snowflake” hanging in the door & the decorations in the second picture(the unfrosted bunny cake is at the far end and a popcorn bunny cake is at the close end)–yes, I made them & Sophie added decorative touches–Elizabeth’s visual instructions stuck! Tomorrow afternoon I’m being interviewed at a turkey farm for a History Channel special, “Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black”–meaning I’m needing to get my head back into Thanksgiving, in particular turkeys, & I wondering–What does one wear to be interviewed at a turkey farm?

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