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Beautiful Friendship

“This beautiful friendship”: Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s daughter Maggie’s description of her mother and Susan B. Anthony as they created the monumental “History of Woman Suffrage”: “They write page after page with alacrity, they laugh and talk, poke the fire by turn, and admire the flowers on their desk . . .suddenly . . . from the adjoining room I hear a hot dispute about something . . . . Sometimes these disputes run so high that down go the pens, one sails out of one door and one out the other, walking opposite directions around the estate, and just as I have made up my mind that this beautiful friendship . . . has at last terminated, I see them walking down the hill, arm in arm. . . When they return they go straight to work . . . . They never explain, nor apologize, nor shed tears, nor make up, as other people do.”

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