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Adventurous Women and Borders Bookstore

Linda Crooks, the sales manger of Borders in Stroudsburg, PA, and Tina Zaragoza, business & educational sales account rep, greeted me as I walked into the store: “You must be our author,” said Linda. “Yes, ” I replied. “How did you know?” “You have that author-ly walk,” she said. (Tina spelled “author-ly” for me.) “And what does that look like?” “You’re comfortable walking into a bookstore, but you’re not sure about where we’ve set you up to sign books.” And she was correct because sometimes authors are relegated to a far away corner. But not here–Linda had a table and terrific display of Adventurous Women right by the front door. For two hours, I had fun talking to people as they streamed into this great bookstore. There was the boy who asked his mother to buy Adventurous Women for me to autograph to his step-Nanny as a gift for Mothers’ Day, a father who bought a copy for his teenage daughters Rachel and Alia because he wants them to “achieve their full potential,” and the twin girls who zipped over to the display and grabbed a copy that their dad bought for them. He said he was glad that they wanted to read a book because he hadn’t read one in three months. Jeanmarie was particularly interested in one of the women in my book–Alice Hamilton, a scientist who undertook hazardous adventures and established the field of industrial toxicology. Carol bought a copy to donate along with a quilt for a raffle at a breast cancer event in the Fall. We collaborated to come up with just the right dedication: “To all courageous women who are traveling down their own adventurous road.”

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