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Sophie Update

Totally happy today to catch up via Skype with Sophie, who spends eight weeks in the summer with her mother’s family in Switzerland.  She was bursting with stories – – the time in Italy when her daddy was with them all.  Then Zurich & Montstein with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins!  This week she’s at a horse camp.  At one point she excitedly asked if we wanted to hear a stories she was writing. Of course, we did.  I took the photo during her reading. The story is still evolving; she is in the middle of writing about the main character’s dream, although she’s not exactly sure how the dream is going to end. We talked about different ways authors use dreams in a story – – foreshadow, create suspense, reveal details, plans, insights, etc.  To be continued when she returns in two weeks.  I’m off tomorrow to speak at the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum, Adams, MA. The following week I speak at Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark. Just finished a 2,500 word article on Finding Landmarks to Literary Women!  August has been busy busy!

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