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Sophie, Birds’ Nests and Books

I picked up Sophie today. Before driving, I gave her a snack. While she ate, we sat together in the backseat & I showed her the pictures I took to document what her birds’ nests look like on day 2, and day 3. First I showed her the photo I took the day she made the nests (see previous post), then the day 2 photo. Quickly pointing to the empty dish, she said, “They ate the food!” When I showed her day 3. She was silent, then said: “The birds came.” “What do you think they did?’ I asked. “Danced,” she replied. “Made a cape,” she said gesturing to her shoulders. “And a skirt,” she added, dropping her hands to her hips. I told her we had brought the towels in the house because it was going to rain. “Do you think that was a good idea?” “No, because the birds came,” she replied. “Should I put them back?” “Yes, but you don’t need to put the dishes back.” I took the third picture at Acorn, a wonderful independent book story. Sophie asked for a book on how to draw animals. “We have several,” the bookseller said. “Come I’ll show you.” As you can see–she did!!! Very cool experience!!!!! During our time together, we were stopped at a red light, when I heard her say in a reflective voice, “The white goes well with the blue.” I figured the white was a blossoming spring tree. But what was the “blue.” I glanced back & saw the white tree, just as Sophie added, “the blue sky.” day 2

day 3

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