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Without realizing what we were saying, “Yes,” to, Sophie and I had a terrific experience on Saturday. We regularly go to the American Museum of Natural History, although not usually on a Saturday. This Saturday, however, there we were making our way through a crowd of adults and kids who were waiting to get into the Discovery Room. Everyone had tickets; we didn’t, but as we got to the ticket-taker, I said, “We’re members.” “Are you going to ‘Meet the Scientist?’ Sophie looked at me, I at her, neither one of us knowing what that was, but, since it seemed like a “ticket” in, plus who wouldn’t want to meet a scientist, I said “Yes.” We were directed up a flight of stair, through a narrow room with books and microscopes to a back room with a young woman standing in front of a screen with the word “Scorpiology.” That is how we happened to hear a scorpiologist tell us all about scorpions, including how to catch specimens (go out at night with an ultraviolet flashlight and long tweezers)!

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