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Rosalie the Riveter

Shortly after midnight, Frank Cutitta sent me a message that his Aunt Rosalie the Riveter had died. I met Rosalie in 2009 when she was honored at New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Club of GFWC’s 101st Public Affairs Day, where I gave my “Rosie the Riveter” speech. A video of Rosalie talking about loading up her car with other workers and driving across the Burlington-Bristol Bridge singing “The Bluebird of Happiness” is on my website. Frank and his family buried Rosalie’s sister Theresa, who was also a riveter, just two days before Rosalie died. He said that he and his family have been using the link to the video “as a remembrance of the spirit of these two amazing women.” I was touched that he wrote and wanted me to “know how special Rosalie felt your story about the riveters was.” The riveters and all the other women war workers are what is special!

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