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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Elizabeth Cady Stanton recalled in her “Reminiscences”  what she and her sisters would find in their stockings that “were pinned on a broomstick, laid across two chairs in front of our fireplace . . . .a little paper of candy, one of raisins, another of nuts, a red apple, an “olie-koek,” and a bright silver quarter of a dollar in the toe.”  Although, she confessed, since she was often “guilty of any erratic performances during the year,” her stocking “often” only held a stick! At our house today we’ll be celebrating with gifts–no sticks!–food, games, music, walks, conversations, checking our urban backyard for wildlife (5 deer & 3 turkeys yesterday): Elizabeth wrote that they “would take a drive over the snow-clad hills and valleys in a long red lumber sleigh. All the children it could hold made the forests echo with their songs and laughter.”

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