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Making up a Story

On Thur–our Sophie/Grammy Day–Sophie wanted to go to the American Museum of Natural History. Although there wasn’t much time,–I pick her up from kindergarten at P.S. 153 at 4 pm & the museum closes at 5:45–off we went. Having gone many times, including taking Planet Classes, she’s a pro at getting around (Over the years, I’ve gone a gazillion times, but am definitely not so skilled!) & we had a great time. We exited to discover it was raining & cold & on the trek to where we had parked, we exchanged this dialogue: Sophie: My feet hurt. Grammy: Mine too Sophie: My toes hurt. Grammy: Mine too Grammy: Sophie, are you thinking that it would be good idea for someone to carry you to the car? Sophie: Yes Grammy: Well, you’ve grown so tall, I’m not sure I could carry you all that way. Besides, you’re the granddaughter and I’m the grandmother and I read somewhere that granddaughters are suppose to carry grandmothers. Sophie: Where did you read that? Grammy: “Oh, I don’t know somewhere in a story. Sophie: a long pause then: Grammy, I think that’s a story that you’re writing right now. Grammy: with a delighted laugh: Sophie, you’re right–that’s just what I’m doing! She laughed too & in no time we arrived at the car.

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