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If you watched Markers, what did you think? I’ve gotten emails asking me & here’s one of my replies: “Watching it was a roller coaster ride–my favorite part was the archival footage of events & people &, oh, do we need another Bella Abzug & Shirley Chisholm!!!!!!! The segments with the telephone worker, coal worker, battered woman were so powerful . . . . the segment with Phyllis Schlafly (I tangled with her people when I lived in OK) & anti-abortion was way over-simplified & infuriated me . . . . there was a lack of analysis about why there hasn’t been more progress . . . the ending was a bit of a downer, at least that’s what I was left feeling . . . could have used interviews with women & groups that are carrying on the fight, e.g., ongoing efforts to pass the ERA.”

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