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Just after an earthquake “hit” our area, I got an email from my daughter-in-law Katrin–Sophie’s Mom; they’ve been in Italy & Switzerland since mid-July visiting Katrin’s family:  “Heard there was just an earthquake. Did you feel it?” To which I replied: “Linda certainly did–she was at her computer & her chair started to shake . . . her tall bookshelf started to sway & looked close to toppling . . . things were bouncing on her shelves.   The guys painting our house said their ladders swayed . . . . everyone was baffled at first–one guy thought he was dizzy–the guy from South America knew it was an earthquake . . . .  I was in the car bouncing to music by Diana Ross & the Supremes & didn’t feel a thing . . . I got home about 15 minutes after it hit & found Linda & the painters on the front lawn trading stories!!!”

“Ha! I just read this to Sophie and Stephanie (Kat’s sister) and we were all laughing with the visualizations.”

They return on Monday–hurrah!  Sophie’s Dad & I are picking them up–hurrah!

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