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Jingle Bells

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle prejudice away . . . .A “Sing-In” was held by the National Organization for Women in San Francisco on 12/19/1968 to protest two newspapers that continued to run two columns–“male” & “female” for “help wanted” ads, despite the EEOC’s ruling against that practice. Here are their revised lyrics for “Jingle bells”: “Jingle bells, jingle bell,/Jingle prejudice away/Oh, what fun it would be to find/A de-sex-egrated job today./ Plowing through the ads,/In the paper classified/Searching for a job/How our souls are tried!/ Male and female headings/Just do not satisfy/If we can do the job/Why not let us try?/Why must we be constricted/To any kind of role/When we have all the talent/To fill any help wanted goal?/ If we can do the job/Just give us half a chance/Ability does not depend/ On who is ‘wearing pants.'” Thanks to David Dismore for this wonderful story!

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