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Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, or Anna Howard Shaw Day, according to the United Methodist Church and Tina Fey’s character Liz Lemon in the 71st episode of “30 Rock.” Born on Feb. 14, 1847, Shaw was a physician, first woman ordained a minister by the Methodist Church, ardent women’s rights activist, friend of Elizabeth’s and the close friend of Susan’s who tended to her during her final days. In her autobiography, Shaw recalled the night she saw “the figure of ‘Aunt Susan’ as she slipped into my hotel room. . . .I was almost sleep when she came . . . She had a great deal to say, she declared, and she proceeded to say it–sitting in a big easy-chair near the bed, with a rug around her knees, while I propped myself up with pillows and listened. . . . Why should we not talk all night? It was part of our work.” When the morning light appeared, Susan announced, “I must dress now. I’ve called a committee meeting . . . Perhaps you ought to have a cup of coffee.”

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