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For the Fun of It

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day. For the fun of it, here is a landmark to historic women that I visited and photographed yesterday: four statues of women actors, famous in their day, standing in third floor golden niches in the limestone facade of the recently restored I. Miller Building. Once a shoe store, famous for providing footwear for actors and dancers, the words at the top read: I MILLER BUILDING/THE SHOW FOLKS SHOE SHOP DEDICATED TO BEAUTY IN FOOTWEAR. (And, my partner Linda, who remembered that she once wore I Miller shoes.). Dressed in the costume of one of their notable roles are (L to R):.Ethel Barrymore as Ophelia, Marilyn Miller as Sunny, Mary Pickford as Little Lord Fauntelroy, Rosa Ponselle as Norma. The I Miller Building is located at the corner of West 46th Street and Broadway in New York City. The structure on top supports a giant LED display.

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