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We’re off tomorrow on a road trip to Canada, one stop is Tadoussac, where the beluga whales breed in the summer. I’m psyched! I made banana-oatmeal-honey- pecan muffins to sustain us. This is Sophie’s last week of school; (the following week she leaves with her mother to spend six weeks with her Swiss relatives in Zurich, with side trips to Mallorca, Monstein, & Milan–very cool!) Instead of our usual Thursday, I picked her up today at school. As we walked out, holding hands, I said, “Hey Sophie, this is the last time I’ll pick you up at kindergarten.” “But you’ll pick me up at first grade,” she said with a slight question mark in her voice. “Absolutely,” I replied. She wanted to see her garden so we headed to Englewood. After surveying it, she suggested we expand it, i.e. dig up more yard. Since I love to dig, I ordinarily would agree, but the ground is toooooo soggy! So we played inside board games (by the game rules, not Sophie rules). Then we played “ticket,” which basically involves Sophie using my stack of post-its etc. to write ticket to admit me to various events. “Who are you bringing with you?” she asked. “Three girls and a cat,” I replied. “No cats,” she said. “How old are you?” “Do you have a Blackberry?” etc.

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