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A Thank You

I spent many hours yesterday with my dear and indispensable friends Sue and Moshe. Dear and indispensable for countless reasons–specifically yesterday for their generosity and support and skills. I arrived with primary source documents–Harper’s Weekly from 1857, 1858, 1866, 1899–with large engravings that I had selected as illustrations in my forthcoming book, Thanksgiving: The True Story. (In addition to writing my books, I do my own picture research, an essential but hugely demanding and time-consuming enterprise that I’ll write about in more detail later). I also had emailed Sue a folder of jpg. With unfailing good humor and dazzling skill, Sue, with periodic input from Moshe, scanned and did image processing and burned a CD for me. Sue and Moshe live in the Bronx and at one point we walked to a small Italian restaurant for homemade mozzarella and pizza with eggplant, Portobello mushrooms and zucchini (not what I would typically order but delectable). When a waiter dropped a tray of glasses, most of the eaters loudly applauded; not us, although when requested by another waiter who said he couldn’t sing, we did join in singing happy birthday to someone. I left about 11:45 am, there was heavier traffic across the George Washington Bridge than I expected and my low gas light was on, but I was unfazed in the aftermath of a wonderful, creative, productive time (and I learned a lot!)–thank you Sue and Moshe!!

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